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A simplier, easier way to pay municipality taxes


The traditional method of getting a document recorded in the county clerks records involved a very lengthy process of funds exchanging hands and funneling through various accounts from the initial release from the funding source to its ultimate destination, the municipality. Munilinks offers a secured, efficient way to pay municipal taxes immediately at closing --- validating and securing ownership and/or lien positions. With less handling,  there's less of a headache.



Our method will revolutionize the process by delivering the taxes due to the municipality at the closing. Here's how.


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The funds being paid to the municipality will be instantaneous rather than floating in the title company accounts for an uncertain amount of time.

We alert the municipality instantly that a transaction has taken place, eliminating

the possibility of fraudulent activities and multiple transactions taking place.

The title insurance policy will have solid substance and eliminate any chance of theft from title agents from the recording and escrow accounts.


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